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Cedar Hills Hospital Bevearton Oregon
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Cedar Hills Hospital provides continuing education for professionals in the mental health and chemical dependency field. Please click on the Register for Events link to see what’s new in our series and sign up to receive monthly updates.
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Cedar Hills Hospital
10300 SW Eastridge Street
Portland, OR 97225

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center Beaverton Oregon

Cedar Hills Hospital of Beaverton, Oregon is a full service psychiatric hospital and drug rehab center. We offer a full range of drug and alcohol treatment programs at our drug rehab center to meet the needs of each patient. Our drug rehab center offers comprehensive treatment, including detoxification, extended stay rehab with full hospitalization, partial hospitalization and outpatient drug abuse treatment programs.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Beaverton Oregon

In addition to drug and alcohol treatment programs, we offer mental health disorder treatment and co-occurring disorder treatment programs for patients with both a drug and alcohol abuse problem and one or more mental health disorders. We use evidence based approaches to treatment that have proven effective for our patients and customize our programs to meet the needs of the individual patient.

Drug Rehab Center Beaverton Oregon

Our drug rehab center in Beaverton, Oregon has a full detoxification program that helps to manage the symptoms of withdrawal and provide compassionate care for patients as the drugs and alcohol leave the body. After detox, most patients receive treatment in our extended stay rehab program to provide the constant care required. Most patients move from full hospitalization to partial hospitalization or outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Often, pain management for an injury or condition results in drug abuse. For these patients, we offer a behavioral pain management program to help patients find alternative and holistic treatments and reduce prescription drug use for chronic pain. Please browse our website to learn more about our drug rehab center in Beaverton, Oregon and call us today at 503-944-5000 or 1-877-703-8880 for a free assessment.

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